Enjoy playing with fire! No trees & hearts burned. Just pure fun!

Wildfire is a funny, addictive, grid-based puzzle game. Burn some minutes and let your inner child play using logic instead of matchsticks. 

The concept

The game thrives in minimalism, infused with playful graphics and challenging levels that gradually pose tougher challenges. Our challenge was to present it in an appealing way so that its engagement spreads like wildfire among users.

Product Discovery

The game’s initial base of users came through the landing page, directing through to the app store. It allowed leveraging of social networks to advertise the game directly, and convince the users before prompting them to download it.

Presenting Gameplay

The landing page made it possible for us to explain the gameplay and make sure that no detail was overlooked when users saw what it was about. In a simple, effective, fun way, the mechanics of the game were introduced, dramatically increasing clicks to the app store button.

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