The place to spot trends in fashion, accessories and lifestyle.

Stylistica is an author led community that talks about the latest trends in fashion. A community united by a common interest, it needed a coherent direction to evolve. That’s where we came in.

The aesthetics

Stylistica is fueled by modern aesthetics in fashion and lifestyle. The identity that the community identified with had to reflect that. Combining the graphic elements with visuals in a flexible way was a priority because the community’s identity had to be used in an unlimited number of ways.

Colour Tones

One of the main uses of imagery shared by the community and main moderator is sharing season colour tones. We’ve adapted layouts for easy use and sharing on socials.

Identity Materials
As it evolves, the community needed formalised graphic materials for its outreach. We’ve devised a language based on the flexible identity for any format of graphic materials that were needed. They’ve helped moderators and main members of the community to solidify their presence on official channels, giving their group a legitimate role in fashion events.

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