Allowing service businesses to turn off-peak into profit.

ScaleHub allows you to run promotions on your appointments and make less attractive time slots sell.

It lets people use an innovative appointment CRM that is focused on selling quieter hours in the day and making business downtime work.

Testing scenarios

Our aim was to find out if there’s a real need for service business founders to cover off-peak hours, when there were fewer or no bookings.
We’ve built a working prototype and covered testing scenarios aimed at dentist offices, salons, barber shops, spas and other businesses that took appointments during the day.

Getting the product across

The product core functionality allows for appointment managers to set promotional hours during off-peak times. Explaining the product’s impact was key to selling the concept and making sure that its real benefits stood out.

The product

Off-peak promos were outlined by our market research as the most important feature to small businesses. We used this feature as a gateway to the product. Marketing relied on making sure the use case was understood by our core audience.

ScaleHub Pro

The core product is free to use, allowing users to create promos on their off-peak times with some limitation. The Pro plan offers even more functionality, that can have a major impact on the day-to-day of service businesses.

A sleek user interface

Modern, easy to understand UI makes it easy for both backend users and end customers to use the app. The design is built with usability as its primary focus, and it’s coherent throughout front and back end.

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