Rubicon Global

Turning waste into treasure


Rubicon Global has become the worldwide leader in providing cloud-based waste and recycling solutions for customers in business, government, and nonprofits. 

With over 1,500,000 service locations worldwide, the company develops cutting-edge technology products that bring transparency to the waste and recycling industry. Not all heroes wear capes.

The Challenge

To create consistency across UI and UX with a clean, crisp, intuitive interface and visual language for both vendors and customers, on desktop and mobile.

Ending waste, together

We started building with the user in mind: from both a vendor and customer perspective. How can we make a process so complex into something really easy to follow and use? By combining the powers of UX, UI, front-end and AI/ machine learning into the holy recyclable grail of portals and dashboards.

Companies of all sizes—from restaurants, to retailers, to real estate move-makers—can now have a smarter, more sustainable alternative to recycling. Thanks to consistent UI components, usability patterns, and streamlined flow, the portal and app come to the waste management rescue with a clean and clear overview of sustainability goals, pickups, service history, and spend.

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