The product that helps people send parcels hassle-free.

Reshaping delivery services in Switzerland

Three logistics experts from Switzerland asked us to build a mobile-based transportation platform. They wanted to create the first on-the-way delivery service in their country and make sending parcels more efficient and cost-friendly. The product would work by connecting senders to drivers already heading towards their destination.

Our process

To deliver this complex product, we’ve put together a team of diverse professions, from designers to developers. We based our collaboration on a constant back-and-forth of knowledge and feedback.

The infrastructure of a logistics platform

We quickly realised Roadz needed to serve four different audience types, each with their specific needs. Based on that, we decided to handle the senders and the drivers in separate apps for each platform.

The result was building two apps for two platforms, alongside a presentation website, a CRM panel and a fleet management dashboard specifically for logistics businesses that partnered with Roadz.

Senders create a parcel delivery request

Senders set up where and when they’d like their parcel picked up and dropped off and upload photos of it. This allows drivers to know what they are delivering, while the senders can verify the condition of the parcel at drop-off by checking photos from both instances.

Senders receive transparent pricing

The sender will always know how much a delivery costs before making a request. Roadz calculates the delivery price based on the size and weight of the parcel, the delivery distance, as well as any special instructions received from the sender (e.g. fragile) that the sender can confirm before hitting submit.

A driver applies to make the delivery through their own Roadz app

Drivers in the area will see a sender’s request and apply to make the delivery, proposing a pick-up and drop-off time. When a sender confirms a driver, they can further discuss details as needed.

Senders can track their deliveries

Once a parcel is picked up, senders can track it in real-time through the app, receive notifications as it gets to the destination and reach out to the driver at any time.

Senders can rate drivers or request support

Whether it’s complaints or compliments, the in-app review helps drivers improve their service or keep up the great job! Moreso, senders have 24/7 support available, for any issues with the delivery.

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