Mercato Comunale

Come for the food, stay for a million other reasons.

Mercato Comunale is an urban pop-up market, set in the big, beautiful heart of Bucharest. 

We’re talking co-working spaces, superstar food-trucks and trending tastemakers, local craft beer producers, farmers markets, art, design, tech, music, sports and everything-nice-in-this-world lovers coming together into one bustling urban happy place.

The Challenge

To introduce Mercato Comunale with a highly anticipated and contagious energy—a friendly, inclusive identity that represents a broad and colorful spectrum of different vendors and visitors alike.

Our approach

We envisioned the M as a certified-must-go-to bat signal for all things tech, coworking, food, drinks, music, and sports. It was built as the unifying element of a diverse community, where each vendor and wanderer had a leading role in bringing it to life.

Because without its people, the market wouldn’t be a thing. So we made a thing out of that. 

Just a little bit of 
modularityyy repeeeating

So, we have all these amazing vendors, events, and concerts plus hundreds of excited people to swing by them all. That’s a lot of people looking for a lot of information. We had to make a website that shows Mercato Comunale in all its glory, and give a giddy, super specific and informative glimpse into all the things available for people to obsess over. We also made it modular to make updating, editing, and posting as easy as possible. #thoughtful

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