The only clinically proven daytime anti-snoring solution.

eXciteOSA is the world’s first daytime therapy that improves the quality of sleep, and life overall, by treating the root cause of snoring instead of the symptoms.

Technological challenges

  • Creating a custom algorithm to specifically detect snoring from the sound recordings.

  • The battery constraints when dealing with the heavy processing required for on-device processing of sleep tracking data.

  • The potential instability of the Bluetooth(BLE) connectivity between the mobile device and the control unit.

Our approach

Once we understood the user personas of eXciteOSA, we started envisioning the mobile solution for their needs. Our design and development teams built up the architecture together.

Sleep tracking and analysis

This is another important part of the eXciteOSA treatment. To determine its effectiveness and make the necessary lifestyle and treatment adjustments, patients record their sleep. The algorithm we developed analyses the recorded sleeping sounds to determine what can be considered snoring, and gives advanced details about sleeping patterns and snoring habits.


Before the patients go to sleep and start the recording, they can choose the factors that apply to them that day. These will be taken into consideration, as they may influence the quality of their sleep.

Sleep recording

To ensure a good recording of their sleeping sounds, necessary for analysing their different levels and detecting the snoring phases, it is important that patients place their phone close to their head. Once sleep recording starts, they don’t need to do anything more.

Sleep rating

Every morning patients are asked to give a subjective rating to their sleep. This tracks their perceived sleep quality that will be corroborated with the effectiveness of the treatment. It will also give some insight about the influence of the different factors.

Sleep history

One very useful feature of the app is the display of historical sleep data. This shows patients and their doctors information like snore trends (sleep time and snoring time), influencing factors and also calculates a snore score. This is extremely useful for improving patients’ treatment and life habits to reach the desired results.

Visual style

Our aim was to create an easy-to-use app, with a minimal interface and a smooth touch. The colors were chosen to convey a sense of calm and be well suited for night-time usage.

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