The UK’s smartest revision app.

EdPlace empowers parents in helping their child learn by tracking and measuring progress, as well as facilitating encouragement through technology.

Thousands of resources

Students and parents can quickly find the best matching activities for multiple subjects and key years. The hierarchy of the displayed information for each item is meant to help the decision.

Once the right activity is found, it can be started right away or assigned for later.

Our approach

Once we understood the user personas of eXciteOSA, we started envisioning the mobile solution for their needs. Our design and development teams built up the architecture together.

On-the-spot feedback

As students complete activities, after each response they get the correct answer displayed immediately along with an explanation from one of EdPlace’s experienced teachers.

Based on their progress, EdPlace offers them activities to continue the journey.

Rewarding experience

Each achievement is rewarded to help students become more self-confident. They can collect various badges along with proper celebration moments. Based on their progress, EdPlace can offer activities to help them continue the journey.

Personalised functionality for parents and students

With the built-in account switcher users can quickly swap between parent and student accounts without being asked for additional credentials.

A welcome screen gives a personal touch to this flow, while also leaving no question about who is in control.

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