Matching cancer patients with clinical trials.

Far too often, late-stage cancer patients are left powerless when it comes to finding treatment options. Either they’re not eligible. Either they don’t even know that a trial is happening, so the trial itself shuts down due to no patients showing up to try it. 

That’s where Driver stepped in: the first platform of its kind set out to radically redefine how patients get visibility and access potentially life-extending treatments, when their current treatment plans were not working.

The Challenge

To build a strong yet flexible UX foundation that closes the massive gap between patients seeking experimental treatments and doctors and cancer centers ready to offer it.


Put an end to all these questions

We immediately looked into how people actually get information for their treatment. Main takeaway? Clear information is incredibly scattered and scarce. People are confused, frustrated, as they’re left to figure it out all on their own. Not on our watch. We wanted to put and end to all these incredibly important questions. Driver had the answers. We had an idea of how to make it feel friendly, reassuring, and easy to follow.


Bringing it all to UX life

We designed several experiences and interfaces that aimed to make it the easiest ever to sign up and connect cancer patients with clinical trials, while also giving doctors a seamless access at treatments and trials by connecting them, in turn, to various universities and clinics throughout the country.

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