Taking the work out of taking off work.

Away… is an office management platform that makes it easy, beach-breezier than ever to enter, submit, approve, and keep track of employee time off.

The Challenge

To rename the platform and rethink the UX and UI of the entire calendar-based platform. But you know how we like to take things a little further?

We also thought it would be cool to reimagine the tone of voice and add some fresh brand colors, along the way.

The Prototype

Get closer to your vacay in just a few simple steps:

Add your dates.
Set a vacation type.
Leave a note or reason (or don’t—we all need some unexplained me time).
Get an email when it’s approved.
Get. Excited.

You can also keep tabs of how many days off you have left, see upcoming paid holidays, and see who else is out and when.

Team Overview

An important step in leveraging product functionality was adding team overview – allowing users to not only view their time off but compare it to others as well. On top of that, give HR a bird’s eye view of key times in team availability.

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